Residential Roofing

Indemnity Roofing is a premier residential roofing company that has provided home roofing solutions for over 15 years in Tyler, Katy, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Sherevport, Lafayette, and Thibodaux, LA Areas. Whether you are wanting to put on a new roof, to re-roof your existing home, or to look into repairs and inspections, we are your go-to roofing experts!

Protect Your Home and Family

For the majority of homeowners in the Tyler, Austin, San Antonio, Houston & DFW, Sherevport, Lafayette, and Thibodaux areas having shelter over their heads is something that is quite easy to take for granted. That is until the shingles are impacted from all the storms in TX/LA. Roof damage or aging not only is aesthetically unattractive but can also cause heating and cooling bills to spike. If allowed to progress, shingle damage can also cause leaking in the home that can result in extensive and expensive water damage. The key to avoiding such painful consequences is to get a roof repair or replacement by an experienced contractor so that your home’s upper structure can look like new again. This is where Indemnity Roofing  repair and replacement services come in.  Remember that your home is your fortress, and your roof protects it! 


Protection and Beauty

Have you ever stopped to look around your neighborhood and take notice of the many different styles and types of roofs? We often size up someone’s home as a whole without stopping to take notice of the separate features, but if you start taking a closer look, you’ll see that a roof is a very significant part of the overall visual statement. We work with metal, slate, and tile roofs, as well as TPO and flat roof systems. We strategize with each of our customers to install the best solution for your home while also adding a certain beauty and charm.